2014 All State Choir Tryouts

Sight Reading Materials

Following their solo audition each student will report to the designated sight reading holding area for their voice part (S1/2, A1/2, T1/2, B1/2). Students will be called to the sight reading room where they will see the same setup as the solo room (screen, stand). Two judges will score each tryout. THE SCORE WILL NOT COUNT IN THE STUDENTS' FINAL RANKING. At the conclusion of the tryouts the scores will be plugged into a copy of the original all state tryout file and will carry a weighted factor of 10%. The results will be studied by the board in its May meeting to determine future options if any.

Click the links below to view documents or hear the sample format.

Scoring rubric

(Includes a sample exercise)

To generate your own practice exercises visit the sight reading factory and generate exercises using level 3 standards. NOTE: The least number of measures in the exercises generated is 8. The exercises used at our tryouts will only be 4 measures.