Spring Meeting
April, 2008

I. Minutes of the fall meeting were read and approved.

II. Financial report was presented and approved.

Suggestion was made to close the current account and open one without a monthly service fee.

III. 08-09 Calendar

Event dates and locations were reviewed with the following additions:

a. Senior High All-Region auditions will be held at Bentonville H.S.

b. Junior High All-Region auditions will be held at Springdale Southwest J.H.

c. Northwest Region Solo/Ensemble will be held at JBU

IV. New Business

a. Directors were reminded of the ArkCDA summer workshops. The need for mentors was stressed.

b. Suggestion was made to require SH students to wear their choir uniforms at the all-region concert. No vote was taken, but there was general agreement that this was needed.

V. Old Business

A. Discussion resumed concerning JH/SH scheduling for CPA

1. Point was made that the original reason for scheduling JH on Saturday no longer exists.

2. With the increase in the number of choirs performing, the schedule will probably begin running deeper into Thursday.

3. Decision was made to create the following schedule for the 08-09 year:

Thursday - small schools
Friday - junior highs
Saturday - senior highs

B. Discussion was resumed concerning moving the all-region clinic to HarBer H.S. with the concert times staggered to allow for audience changes due to smaller auditorium. Decision was made to keep the event at Springdale H.S.

VI. Meeting adjourned