West Central Region of ArkCDA Spring Meeting Minutes

Members in attendance: Bill Cromer, Rachel Pinto, Merideth Holcomb, Mat Whitworth, Terri Whitworth, Jerry Vincent, Debbie Johnson, Carrie Taylor, J.R. Bergenstock, Shari Cathcart, Chris Brammer, JonathanBarranco, Rebeca Pitts, Megan Ellenburg, Keri Cheyne, Mel Lowe, David Yarbrough, and Matt Foy.
Also present were student interns Keith Reaves and Jordan Bennett

Old Business
Financial report was presented and approved

Dates for 08-09 region events were reviewed. It was pointed out that the AAA may have to approve our dates for region clinic and cpa since we technically changed the week of these events. They should be fine. A complete list of the dates for the 08-09 school year will be posted on our region web page soon.

New Business

  • A motion was made and passed to pay mileage for Matt Foy to travel to Searcy for the spring ArkCDA board meeting.
  • Music for the upcoming region clinic was discussed. A recommendation was made to ask Alan Showalter (Jr. SSA clinician) to change one piece because of its difficulty.
  • Sr. mixed music was discussed and approved.
  • Jr. SATB and Sr. SSAA music has not been turned in as of yet.  As soon as it is known, directors will be sent a list of titles. If there are any concerns they will be discussed via email.
  • A committee was formed to preview all region music on the Monday night before reading clinic in order to make suggestions to the region as to voicing and other issues. The committee consists of the following people: Matt Foy, Shari Cathcart, J.R. Bergenstock, Megan Ellenburg, Rebeca Pitts, and Debbie Johnson.
  • A motion passed to make the following motion at the summer ArkCDA board meeting. The ArkCDA board of directors shall present no less than two nominees to the general assembly for consideration for the office of President Elect.  The nominees will then have one week to provide the executive director of ArkCDA a biography or resume to be published on the ArkCDA website. The general membership would then have a period of two weeks to review the nominees’ biographies/resumes and to vote for one nominee.
  • The members present asked that the following issues be discussed in the ArkCDA summer board meeting.
    • Sight reading music for cpa:
      • Need another S(S)A junior high sight reading option
      • Does anyone closely check to see if the guideline for sight reading music is being followed by the composer?
      • There seems to be too large of a gap between J.H. and H.S. sight reading levels, especially in male and female groups.
      • Should we consider having a four year rotation of sight reading music? The rationale would be to find what works and to keep it.
      • Are we going beyond the original intent of making sight reading part of CPA?
    • Assigning all-state clinic workers like we do for auditions, instead of asking for volunteers.
    • Revamping the all region and all state scoring rubrics so that each song that is auditioned on is scored separately.
      • There was some discussion about CPA judges. There will be a better effort to use judges of varying experiences so that the panel can be more fair to all levels of choirs. The use of retired choir teachers was also suggested.
      • The spring meeting for 2009 was scheduled for April 21.
      • The meeting adjourned after a good lunch at El Parian.