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Daily Announcements / September 30, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on September 30, 2013, 05:26:29 AM »
WHOOSH! Tomorrow is October 1st. Lots'a deadlines.

I posted a link on the website to a list of schools that have incomplete AAA
eligibility. These are schools that sent either their list or the
certificate but not both. If your school doesn't show up on the list of
eligible schools please check to make certain it's not on that list. If so,
these must be corrected before your students will be allowed to participate.

Adding yourself to the online directory is REALLY important. The list of
last years' members will be deleted in a week or so after giving time for
the late registrations. If you've not added yourself yet please do so.

I love 'em all (well, maybe not so much July and August), but October may
very well be my favorite month. Here's to a colorful fall!
Daily Announcements / September 26, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on September 26, 2013, 06:33:53 AM »
The trouble with being gone for 3 days is what's waiting for you work-wise
when you come back; 86 emails and a stack of mail about 5 inches tall. I
WILL get to each one. Just please be patient.

If you are having issues with registering students for tryouts please take a
moment to view the video on the website. Got to Videos, How to Register
Students for Tryouts (clever title huh?). It's about 9 minutes long. The
visual aspect is different from the video but the process is the same.

Fixin' to get serious isn't it?
Daily Announcements / September 16, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on September 16, 2013, 05:56:21 AM »
Two weeks from today is (druuuuuummmmmmrrrrolllll) OCTOBER 1. Please make
certain your eligibility and fees are taken care of by that date.

This week has some of the deadlines for entering students for tryouts in
certain regions. If you're like me you assume that something will go wrong
when you have to do something on a computer. So please don't wait until the
absolute last minute to enter your students. If you haven't done so, at
least log in to your account(s) to make certain that you will have access
when the time comes.

Big thanks to those who completed the social media survey on the website. I
will leave the link there through this week. If you've not yet completed it
please take a moment. I'd like to have as many participants as I can get
before publishing the results.
Daily Announcements / September 9, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on September 09, 2013, 08:43:46 AM »
Three weeks from tomorrow!!

Both things (Fees and AAA) are obviously important. There's one big
difference though. If you haven't sent in your fees yet there is a
delinquent fees form that you will be asked to sign that says it will be
paid before the next event or your students won't be allowed to participate
further. So there's a safety valve.

With the AAA eligibility there's not. If that's not been properly submitted
by the time of your first interscholastic event your students will not be
allowed to participate. No late forms, I promises, etc. Remember
Daily Announcements / September 6, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on September 06, 2013, 07:19:44 AM »
The Voting Booth closes at noon today on the two motions from the board that
were presented in Hot Springs. If you've not yet voted please do so before
noon. You will need to log in to the Discussion Center to see the ballots.
If you're not registered there you can do that also.

As you might imagine, this time of year our Divisions of Membership and AAA
Eligibility Management are receiving a considerable amount of communications
as schools get registered and eligibility forms are received. We have hired
several temporary workers (not) to help with the workload but sometimes
things may fall through the cracks.

If you know that you sent your fees or AAA eligibility but your school
doesn't show up as paid/eligible please contact us at CHQ so we can follow

Because as we ALL KNOWŠŠ. October 1ŠŠŠ

Daily Announcements / August 30, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on August 30, 2013, 07:32:01 AM »
Friday and a long weekend!

I have posted a link to the first reported errata in the all region/state
music and/or cd. Please send me those as you learn of them. I will let
everyone know when they are reported to me.

I have also posted a link to an important announcement about the core arts

If you haven't voted on the two board motions please try to do that asap.
The polls will close next Friday.
Daily Announcements / August 28, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on August 28, 2013, 06:16:22 AM »
Wow. August is almost gone. Wish I could say the same for the heat!

Reminder that the voting booth is open in the Discussion Center. To view and
cast your vote you will need to register in the Discussion Center and then
log in. The poll will stay open through next Friday (September 6).

Speaking of the Discussion Center
Daily Announcements / August 27, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on August 27, 2013, 08:01:56 AM »
I have added a link on the left menu of the website to update your school
information. Any time you need to make a change in your data (new email,
enrollment figures, etc.) you can login here and update your record. It is
located in the Online Registration menu.

Speaking of menu's
Daily Announcements / August 22, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on August 22, 2013, 08:04:03 AM »
A couple of gentle reminders;

1. If you send in your AAA certificate -OR
Daily Announcements / August 13, 2013
« Last post by tomstreet on August 13, 2013, 06:27:22 AM »
1. I just posted a new opening on the Jobs board.
2. If you are using Windows Explorer it appears that the menus don't display
properly on the website. I am in contact with the company to see what the
issue is (I'm sure it's something on my part) and hope to have it corrected
asap. It works fine in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. If you can use one of
those browsers until the fix that would be good. If not, and you need
something from one of the sub-menus just email me and I will send you the
3. You HAVE started that registration process right?
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