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August 12, 2013
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Well for a lot of folks it gets real today. Good luck and may all your
chords be balanced and tuned!

1. Online registration is open. The deadline is October 1st. If you haven't
already done so please set the wheels in motion. The links to each step are
located at the end of each. If you do not see them please open your browser
window a little wider. The status lists on the website will be updated as

2. October 1 is also the deadline for getting your AAA certification in.
Your counselors are probably gonna be a little busy for a couple of weeks so
you might want to hold off at least for a while.

3. October 1 is also the deadline to submit a proposal for an all state
interest session.  If you have a subject you'd like to see included please
take a moment and submit it using the online form. Just because you've never
presented a topic before certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't at least THINK
about it.  We've got to fill those 360 minutes with something!  It doesn't
pay well but it looks good on your vita.

4. The two motions to amend the bylaws and CPA/State Festival manual are
available to view in the Discussion Center. Voting will begin on August

Enjoy your day and remember