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August 5, 2014
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1. Online voting continues through noon on Thursday the 14th. Just log in to the Communications Center and click on the Voting Booth. Or, click the button on the home page to go directly to the booth (you'll still have to log in). If you have any problems voting please contact one of our poll workers.

2. AAA Eligibility - This HAS to be done before your students can participate in tryouts this fall. There are 3 ways to send that in.
1. - You can upload it to the Fall Semester 2014 board (preferred)
2. You can email it to
3. You can put it in the mail (least preferred)

Please read this statement aloud three times (people will just think you're talking on your phone) "Until I send in BOTH a list of my students AND the signed AAA certificate my students cannot participate."

By themselves neither one of those is enough. It takes BOTH.

The certificate is available on the website under Forms & Fees.