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December 16, 2013
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Hoo-Wee! This past week or so really played havoc with a ton of holiday performances. I know for many of you it's been a scramble trying to reschedule, or, in some cases, cancel. Makes the break all that more a relief.

As the semester ends a couple of things;

1. Going into the break please touch bases with your all state people to make certain they are on track. Once we get back from the break the roller coaster takes off again.

2. Speaking of tryouts, as the date gets closer please touch bases on the website to make certain you are keeping current on info as it is posted.

3. Remember that the spring AAA eligibility lists and certificate will be due on February 1st. I'm not certain how that might impact those of you who missed a lot of school but we'll handle those as needed. The main thin is to get the all state people certified before tryouts.

4. I posted a couple of links on the website under the Christmas decorations. One is the CPA primer that has been posted for several years for the new folks. Another is to something we're going to look at doing with tryouts. If you're going to be working at tryouts please check that out and respond if interested.

OK. 4 is more than a couple.

As we wrap up the fall semester take time to reflect on your accomplishments and gear up for a great spring!