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January 8, 2014
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1. There has been a change in the Soprano 1 section in the Southwest Region list of all state eligible students. Please login to the Communications Center if you wish to view it.

2. Speaking of All State eligible students - any student who participated in your all region mixed choir and scored from chair 20 down to your all state allotment is shown as an alternate unless you notify me to delete them. That means in some cases you may have a student shown as a 6th alternate - or even higher. These students will remain listed as alternates until and unless you ask that they be deleted. Unless you plan to bring them for the alternate pool please notify me to drop them before January 31st.

3. I have set up an area on the website where all All State information will be posted. As we get closer to tryouts and clinic please keep an eye on that area.

3B. ALL STATE ERRATA - My Spirit Is Uncaged - On page 12, measure 47, the bass part enhanced incorrectly plays an E natural on the & of beat 2 (syllable "-lant") instead of the written D natural. This will be added to the errata list.

4. I notice in looking at the online submissions for CPA approval that several have already posted requests. YAY! More and more folks are scanning music an attaching it as a pdf. Convenient no? If you're interested in a scanning app for your phone just check your app store. There are several free and commercial apps that work well. I personally use Scanner Pro. I'm told that TinyScan is also good.

Related to that; the deadline for submitting music for approval is February 1.

Also, please don't bury the section chairs with a large number of requests hoping that one will stick. They have choirs to prepare too.

5. The list of previous all state titles will be repaired and online later today. Currently it isn't available.

6. For Ron Guess (Pocahontas) - Are you aware of any High School Choral Music programs in our state that may be offering concurrent credit with colleges and universities in their area?  Also, do you know of any Choral programs in our Northeast Region that may have Advanced Placement (AP) Vocal Music classes? You can contact Ron at